Dashlane vs 1password [2021] – Which One is Better?

In this digital era everyone understands importance of digital security. this is the reason in recent times more and more password manager tools are popping up in the market and choosing the right product is bit confusing.

In this Dashlane vs 1password comparison we will try to find out answer of this question.

which one is better?

There is no direct answer to this question as there is a huge difference between the two services.

With 1password, you only use your passwords for one website and when you have stored up to 10 logins, the security of your accounts becomes weak as the protection is not implemented on every website.

Similarly, Dashlane’s 2FA protection on websites is fantastic as every login would be logged into your account. But on password storage, Dashlane becomes the better one.

According to Dashlane, they have 1 billion logins. It means that there is over 6 months of logins stored on the Dashlane database. Thus, you are safe from having your password stolen if the company finds it.

They also support QR codes and also have mobile apps for Android and iOS.

1password also offers mobile apps but they support 2FA. But Dashlane has an advantage in terms of security of those logins.

If you are still skeptical and need a 1Password-like security, you can also opt for 1Password Premium which offers features like built-in password management, as well as 1Password Suggest.

Either way, the competition is healthy and both are worth it.

So which one should you buy?

Personally, I have 1Password and I enjoy using it but I rarely use the password storage feature. I usually use 1Password as a password manager. Also, I do not need to use it on every website as I usually just have one password, not 10, and I think Dashlane’s price tag is much more than 1Password Premium.

But this is my opinion.  You can decide for yourself which one is perfect match for your need?

And to do so just stay with us till the end of this comparison.

Lets start with 1password

With 1password you can easily create, encrypt, and store all your passwords in one place, in a single secure app.

If you’re familiar with other password managers, such as Dashlane or LastPass, you might notice that 1password is far simpler and better designed to manage your data.

1Password’s dashboard has quite a few options, such as setting a custom password for the application and creating unique secure notes for sensitive tasks such as internet banking, accessing sensitive emails and file sharing.

However, 1Password may be a little on the basic side when it comes to performing functions within applications that require customization or access to a database. For example, there’s no way to create a personalized note with a custom set of tags and folders within Spotify for iPhone.

Dashlane, on the other hand, has many more options for customization, including creating custom tags for sensitive folders and directly uploading content such as emails, documents and more. Dashlane also has extensive support for 1Password’s own functions like using protected folders within Dropbox or storing specific types of files inside Dropbox.

Creating a custom password for a sensitive website may be somewhat redundant when it comes to using Dashlane since the website does itself create a password, but having access to the password manager’s log in pages, even if you don’t necessarily want to create a new password is handy, as is being able to upload files.

You’ll also be able to directly log in to specific apps such as Twitter and Instagram and other websites. While this is helpful, you’ll likely find yourself using 1Password more often as it allows for even more customizations and functionality, such as directly accessing a site’s log in screen and performing additional tasks.

Dashlane provides support for Dropbox in addition to a vast array of other file providers. In addition, the application features over 60 secure apps and websites as well as an email service and file sharing solution.

Interface also gives you access to tools and features such as password strength testing and free password resets. The application also features customizable profiles for each user, allowing you to sync different file types between different users.

In addition to creating and editing accounts, Dashlane can also create secure notes and link accounts from other devices such as email, Dropbox and Instagram.

Dashlane pros and cons:

Dashlane Pros

– Free unlimited logins

– Fast logins

– Encrypts passwords

– Encrypted login options

– Built-in parental controls

– Packed with Professional features

– available in over 30 languages

Dashlane cons

– Loads a lot of passwords.

– Good on macOS for more complex password management needs (password sharing, etc).

– Requires an additional hardware component (a USB dongle).

– Over Priced

1Password pros and cons

1password Pros

– Proven security and ease of use

– Can sync passwords

– Single authentication key for all websites

– Decent support, large compatibility

1password Cons

– No one app, which means conflicts

– Lack of inbuilt security features on iOS

– No built-in file storage, potentially storing passwords in files and reverting them to default in case of theft

– No multi-factor authentication.

– No choice for iPhone users

Dashlane vs 1password conclusion

While I think most users are better off with 1Password, Dashlane is actually quite popular among the enterprise and corporate markets and has much better protection, including stronger password encryption and a feature called Multi-factor Authentication (MFA). It’s very hard to decide between 1Password and Dashlane at this point because both solutions are quite good but neither offers everything that the enterprise market might need. My advice to anyone currently using 1Password is to stick with it, for now.

However, if you’re interested in switching to Dashlane, I’d recommend disabling your CloudLogs tracking feature before using Dashlane.

Dashlane and 1password, both in terms of allowing you to use multiple logins for a given service, and encrypting passwords in an external app. Still, Dashlane offers most of the same features as 1Password, and is very reliable and a well thought-out solution for protecting your data in the cloud, which is especially valuable for everyone.

If you want to choose one of the two apps to manage your passwords and have all of your data safely in the cloud, I would recommend 1Password.

Let us know in the comments if you have a password manager or whether you will use one in the future.


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