Bumble vs OkCupid – Which Dating App Should You Use in 2021

Online dating is something that a lot of people do nowadays because it helps ease the pain of meeting someone new.

But, online dating can be time consuming and tedious. And, it takes a lot for you to get noticed because there’s so much competition. That’s why some people turn to apps like Bumble and OKCupid.

So. Let’s find out…

Which one is better?

This is a comparison of Bumble VS OKCupid dating apps. It compares features, prices, ease of use, and the reputation of both sites. I’ve found OKC fairly user friendly, but my experience with Bumble was quite different.

OKC seems to be geared more towards the single person who is looking to meet other singles.

That is fine, I suppose. But for someone like me, who like to network with other dating gurus, Bumble gives me a better chance at doing just that. I’ve found online dating to be a more efficient and effective way to meet people.

Bumble requires you to fill out a personal profile first. It doesn’t go into detail, but it does give more information about you. Your interests, hobbies, and personal qualities are all listed. Your looks, though? That’s where OKC shines.

The profile pictures on both OKC and Bumble are very generic and boring.

They’re both very low quality and often quite unflattering.

Pictures are used primarily to generate a sense of warmth or appeal, rather than actually attract potential dating partners.

In addition, both sites have awful user reviews. Some dating gurus have given both OKC and Bumble a mediocre review, while some say the opposite about both sites. It seems like average people are posting unhappy reviews to make themselves look good.

Okcupid has better privacy policies. Its privacy policy, for example, says that they will not use your email address for advertising purposes.

They also provide stronger security to protect your account. The community is smaller, but that can be a plus because it means there are more people you’ll know. You have access to chat rooms, groups, and probably even personal calls to increase your chances of meeting someone.

On the other hand, Bumble is completely different. Their profile pictures are picture images, not images of people. There is absolutely no way to find out who is on Bumble, and because everyone uses anonymous profiles you don’t even know if you have anyone knew as a friend until you get in contact with them.

So what’s the advantage of Bumble when it comes to online dating?

Actually, there is one major advantage to using Bumble to find friends and dates. Since it’s more like a social networking site, you can build your network of friends quickly by sending friends your profile information.

Plus, most people you’ll come across at Bumble are already interested in someone else. This increases your chances of meeting a compatible partner with similar interests, goals, and personality.

Overall, both OKC and Bumble are great sites for meeting people with similar interests. OkCupid brings its users closer to locals, while Bumble is localized to its user base.

Which you choose will depend upon how you want to use the site. Do you just want to find some local friends? Or do you want to create a network of international friends? You’ll need to decide that for yourself!

OKC brings its users closer to their fellow members, but Bumble offers a bit more privacy.

When you create your profile on Bumble, you’re asked to choose a location. Once you’ve chosen a location, you’ll be able to search within that area for matches. You can see nearby friends, view the profiles of those near you, and email contact them right from your personal page. You can also chat live with other members for free. You can even send voice messages.

If you like a particular location, you can even add it to your personal profile.

For example, if you like the Los Angeles area, you can include that in your Bumble profile. You can also view popular places nearby and get to know others who live there. This makes it even easier to plan a trip there.

Now, let’s compare OKC and Bumble for dating sites. There are many advantages to both OKC and Bumble.

I prefer OKC because it is friendlier and allows me to search for local people. In addition, it provides more relevant match options than Bumble, making it a better choice for local dating.

However, both OKC and Bumble offer a lot of features for those who want to expand their search for potential matches.

Ultimately, you should take your own online dating experience and consider whether it’s better to go with OKC or Bumble.

Both services have plenty of positive points. If you have used other dating sites before, you may feel confident enough to make the switch. That’s certainly one consideration! Which one you choose will depend on what you’re looking for in a dating site.

If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comment box below.

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