[2021] Bitwarden vs Lastpass — Which Protects You Better?

Password management tools are more important now than ever.

There are dozens of password managers on the market, so which is the best solution for you?

If you’re in the middle of deciding which one is best password manager for your need, a rational look at a Bitwarden vs Lastpass comparison would be helpful to come to an conclusion.

There are a couple of very well known applications that offer decent password management: Lastpass and Bitwarden. Both are excellent in their own ways.


Bitwarden recently released an alpha that makes it clear that this is a product designed from the ground up to be the fastest and easiest password manager ever created.

Bitwarden is free, open source and totally free.

To install bitwarden, you simply have to download it from their website. If you have installed LastPass, you will automatically have it as a default choice for you.

However, there are two reasons why I strongly suggest to go with bitwarden over LastPass. First, LastPass is not open source and is mostly owned by one single company. It is, however, available for free for use and reuse. This is important to note when looking for security solutions. We cannot expect companies to build security tools for free and then give us a chance to use it at the same time. This is why we need to know whether it has security flaws or not.

This is the reason why Bitwarden is open source. They are making their tools available to the community to build and improve them. This gives us an advantage that we cannot get from LastPass.


Bitwarden pros

No need to create your own account

Easy setup of password and encryption

Get your valuable personal data only through entering passwords.

Complete privacy

Bitwarden saves all your passwords forever and not only for your online banking. This makes your internet activities completely anonymous. That is the reason you can safely use bitwarden when you use your online accounts.

Real-time notifications

Bitwarden knows that you want real-time notifications about the usage of your account. Whenever you access your bank account, bitwarden tells you immediately about all your transactions.


Bitwarden is very different from other password managers. You can set whatever limit you want to. Bitwarden offers 3 levels of sharing of your password, allowing you to share it with your friends, only your spouse or only you.

Bitwarden here is limiting your password usage only for your friends. You can share it with your spouse too but only for your business activities.

Bitwarden here is not the good option for everyone. Bitwarden provides you limited sharing for business activities only.

Bitwarden is the best for everyone who wants complete privacy on the internet.

Excellent security

Bitwarden’s security solution is the best one in the market. This is the reason why you are using it. Bitwarden has a secure encryption that makes your internet activities completely anonymous. You can access your bank account anytime and anytime.

Bitwarden supports TLS encryption which makes your sensitive data private as well.

Bitwarden cons

When running the program on a remote machine, Bitwarden should prompt you to enable or disable tab-enabled

Is Bitwarden worth to use?

Lastpass is, in my personal opinion, the best option available out there. But bitwarden can actually be just as good. They both can act as a single keylogger in your computer.

Remember that you can find out if your internet connection is safe or not just by downloading a free VPN for your computer. You can choose one of these in which you will have access to your internet. If you decide to go with bitwarden, you can use your keylogger for using it with your free VPN.

However, the advantage of using bitwarden over Lastpass is that bitwarden is available as a plug-in for your browser. It is installed with your browser already and you don’t have to install it and restart your computer. Bitwarden is usually installed with the browser, so you just have to activate it in your browser and you are ready to use it. The advantage of

Lastpass is that it is designed to be installed in a different way. As I mentioned above, this makes you go to your computer and configure it. This is very different from bitwarden. With bitwarden, you just have to install it in the system. Once it is installed, it is already installed on your computer after that you only need to activate it. That is probably one of the most important steps.

When you are browsing the internet, it usually shows you a lot of advertisements and spam. These ads can be used to compromise your privacy. However, bitwarden is, in my opinion, one of the best ways of doing it. Their default choice is to use the SSL protocol, which means that your internet connection will be encrypted. As I already mentioned above, this is really useful to protect your privacy.

Bitwarden is very secure password manager. This makes your banking data completely private. You can safely keep your banking information private only for your friends. You don’t need to share your password with anyone.

Bitwarden is one of the safest way to manage your passwords on the internet. You can easily manage all your passwords from any location. You can easily manage your passwords for multiple sites.

Now lets look at Lastpass


LastPass is one of the most commonly used password managers, and while this may have been a revelation for many, you have probably heard this before.

What makes LastPass special is that they understand the passwords that you want to manage, instead of forcing you to manually type in passwords. This is what makes the password manager easier to use, because you don’t have to stop what you are doing to deal with it.

So, using LastPass, you have to remember one password for each of your secure websites. All of your private keys are stored in LastPass, and the passwords are all in a single encrypted file. All you have to do is type in the password for the account that you are using, and you are ready to set up the security protocol on your account.

If you use LastPass, you do not have to manually save any of your passwords. Whenever you want to change your password, you simply select the new password, and you will see that you saved all of your passwords automatically.

So, if you have any private keys saved on LastPass, you have the same security. You do not have to manually go to your accounts and do anything, and you do not have to remember passwords.

You can also use LastPass with other password managers. For example, if you use 1Password, you can log into LastPass and use your passwords, and that is it.

If you are concerned about how much power the password managers have, LastPass has the most robust protection. If you create a master password that is harder than any other password that you can find, you will also get two-factor authentication.

Many websites are starting to use 2FA because it is more secure. LastPass has this as well, so you are really covered.

No matter what password manager you use, you will be safe from all attackers. Because the password managers are storing and safeguarding your private keys and passwords, the odds are far lower that hackers will ever gain access to them.

Lastpass Pros

Secure password manager

Great interface

Secure option

Overly user-friendly

Lastpass cons

Use local users

The app doesn’t use users for password storing, which is great if you have local users. This may not be a good decision for more mainstream users.


The LastPass app may stop working on windows, and depending on when this happens, it could leave you facing a sign in/sign out disaster.

Logging into LastPass will prompt the user for the last password stored for that application, but this is usually done via a sign in page, which again doesn’t require users to store credentials locally.

 LastPass Premium

LastPass Premium offers some benefits over LastPass Basic. It includes more security features like password syncing, multi-device sync, and mobile security benefits such as automatic password updates. LastPass Premium also offers security benefits for third-party apps. LastPass for iOS supports autofill while LastPass for Android is more limited in that it only supports password syncing with LastPass.

Is LastPass safe?

LastPass is safe. The password vault is encrypted, and passwords are not stored in plain text on LastPass.com. They’re stored in encrypted storage, and the encryption is AES. It’s encrypted by a certificate from Let’s Encrypt, which means LastPass will never be able to have a locally stored password vault that’s not protected by encryption.

LastPass encrypts password vaults through an app, not a web app. So the password vault is protected on the client.

The passwords are stored locally on the device.

LastPass is a reliable password manager, and we recommend using it. It’s my opinion that LastPass should do everything it can to avoid storing passwords locally in the web apps, so they don’t risk leaving you with a sign in/sign out disaster.

The web apps are supposed to work with LastPass, so there should be no conflict between the web apps and the app.

There’s no problem with storing passwords locally, but LastPass needs to warn users that they’re storing passwords locally.

Final Conclusion

Both of these are great and have their advantage. Bitwarden is usually a bit more discreet and it does not generate a lot of emails.

As I have already mentioned, bitwarden is probably a better option for everyone since it is a bit more discreet. However, for some people, Lastpass is better. Lastpass is able to handle emails and protects the privacy, which is something you can not expect from bitwarden.

In the end, I think that bitwarden is actually better for everyone. If you are really paranoid about your privacy and privacy of your passwords, bitwarden is probably a great choice. If you are not that paranoid, I believe bitwarden is a bit better.

Lastpass is still the best option out there and I would definitely suggest to use it if you have a little more freedom when setting up passwords and security.

Whether bitwarden is better than Lastpass is up to you.

Finally, if you have any questions regarding your password security, I encourage you to ask in the comment box bellow.

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