Bitdefender vs Kaspersky: Which Antivirus Will Protect You Better?

This simple Bitdefender vs Kaspersky comparison will help you to pick the right Security Suite for better protection.

There are many benefits to using Bitdefender or Kaspersky anti-malware software. These are two of the most popular antivirus software programs available.

However, there is a difference between these two. The cost can often be an issue for a lot of people. Although it might not be the most important factor, it can make a difference in how much you end up paying for the software.

So what are some of the differences between the two?

The primary difference is that Bitdefender is more robust and more effective. It covers more types of viruses and has been designed by a professional team. This makes it one of the more reliable programs on the market.

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Also, there is a real time protection feature in the Bitdefender software. This is a feature that detects viruses and phishing attempts before they are able to do any damage to your computer.

While Kaspersky is also known for its good antivirus program, it does not have nearly as many features as Bitdefender does. The one notable feature it does have is a real time tracking protection.

This feature allows you to be alerted the moment your computer becomes infected with a virus. This way, you can get immediate help from someone who knows how to solve problems such as this quickly.

In addition to this, Bitdefender has also included a free 30 day money back guarantee.

While Kaspersky anti virus does offer a wide range of protection, it does not include many of the added features that the popular Bitdefender does.

For example, Bitdefender antivirus has the ability to block adware and other dangerous programs on your computer.

This feature alone is worth the price of the program. Many programs only protect you against viruses, while Bitdefender protects against a wide variety of malicious files and programs as well.

Another big feature that sets the two programs apart is their support for a growing number of languages. Because there are so many countries out there that use English as their national language, you need software that understands and operates in these countries. Not only that, but languages that aren’t spoken at home are quickly becoming popular around the world.

By supporting languages like Chinese, Spanish, French, and others, you not only increase your customer base, but you also protect your computer from harmful viruses that are often disguised as English language programs.

In fact, one third of all the new PCs sold contain some sort of Chinese or Japanese language software pre-installed.

Also, Bitdefender total security has an anti-bot program that works to detect any potential bot programs. These are often hidden on the computers of customers that don’t really need them.

The anti-bot program will remove these potentially dangerous programs before they can do any damage. This is another reason why so many people prefer the company over Kaspersky.

The price is usually high among anti virus programs, but in this case it is worth paying that little bit extra for the security and safety that you get with Bitdefender. As long as you make sure that you get the best product, you should be all right.

Just remember that this is a product that has to be installed on each computer on which you want it to work.

Kaspersky and Bitdefender both programs comes with some pros and Cons. If you are thinking about buying one, then take the time to read  reviews. This will help you to find the exact type of product that you are looking for. We have tested both security suites and has found that both are very effective. But if you want to protect your computer from malware, then Bitdefender  is the best antivirus software program that you can download.

Bitdefender Pros & Cons

  • Nice and user-friendly design.
  • Nice setup – the setup is easy.
  • Completely cloud integrated – apps, emails and other useful tools are integrated into the system.
  • No ability to change the password if a website goes out of business.
  • No two-step authentication
  • No protection for lost/stolen credit cards – sorry but you won’t be protected from them.

Kaspersky Pros and Cons:

  • Easy to use for routine work
  • Simple, intuitive interface
  • Powerful, configuration capabilities (display, reports, customizations)
  • Only one option (monitored system)
  • Options tend to be added slowly


Before investing into any program you must try Bitdefender or Kaspersky for FREE. Use them for 30 days and test both antivirus for yourself.

Bitdefender  30 Day free trial

Kaspersky    30 Day free trial


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